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heart shaped promises...
for house shaped homes.


...Fuck life.


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Today is annual "Three Days Until Your Mother Finds Your Body Day."

7 years later and you're still a fucking dick.

...but I still miss you.
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Life goes on regardless if you are ready or not.

...so much wasted time.
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An evening of hanging out and enjoying the company of others while ingesting copious amounts of drink and food (yes, their grill is open all night), while I spin whatever the hell I feel like in the background.

I hope we see you there.

Next Thursday, 2 May 2013.
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The older I get the more I hate pictures of women peeing.
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2012 Book List
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Do you ever feel like you are chasing a memory, but you have no idea of what?
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In NY visiting friends and family. 15 hour drive Friday got us to my mother's at 6am Saturday, which gave us plenty of time to make it to my father's wedding at 3...

Tonight is drinking with Todd and Colin; if I re-activated my FB I could get in touch with a lot more folks, nut I think I'm going to just enjoy some down time.

Alright... lunch is here - more later.
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Hey vortex, you guys rocked it last night - great job! :D
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