someday this will all make sense

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"I need you to be a monster /
which is to say, I am trying not to love you /
which is to say, I am still dreaming of kissing your claws."

~ Fortesa Latifi
music is life

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My second favorite thing about Spotify is seeing what my friends are listening to.

I wish it updated in real time though, and that I had more folks linked.

My first is making playlists that no one else will ever actually listen to - there's a certain peace that comes with finding the perfect song to add to this list or that.

"I quit my dreaming the moment that I found you
I started dancing just to be around you
Here's to thinking that it all meant so much more
I kept my mouth shut and opened up the door"
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    Daughter - Doing The Right Thing
let the rabbits wear glasses!

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Today is annual "Three Days Until Your Mother Finds Your Body Day."

7 years later and you're still a fucking dick.

...but I still miss you.
let the rabbits wear glasses!


An evening of hanging out and enjoying the company of others while ingesting copious amounts of drink and food (yes, their grill is open all night), while I spin whatever the hell I feel like in the background.

I hope we see you there.

Next Thursday, 2 May 2013.